French Polynesia consists of 118 islands in five archipelagos whose physical and cultural individuality is well marked. They are scattered over a sea surface of about 5.5 million km2. The islands make a total land area of 3521 km2, 80% of the high islands. Tahiti, with 1042 km2, is more than a quarter of that surface. For your holiday sailing, today the Society Islands and the Tuamotuare those who meet all the conditions for an unforgettable stay. The safe and sheltered anchorage, a natural beauty, give the impression of being alone in the world. Due to its geographical position, climate is tropical Polynesian marine related wet. There are generally two main seasons:
• From December to March, a season known as “hot” or austral summer, which coincides with a higher moisture. The months of December and January are the wettest. The winds are between the east and north-easterly and generally low to moderate.
• From April to November season called “fresh” or southern winter coinciding with lower humidity. The trade winds blowing from the southeast resume reinforcing their rights in July and August.

Tetiaroa Atoll
Leeward Islands
Tuamotu Archipelago