2 Days and 1 night TETIAROA


Cruise 2 days and 1 night in TETIAROA

Meeting at 6:00 a.m  at the Papeete marina. You will board the catamaran DALILA , breakfast on board when the boat set sails . During the sailing which lasts approximatly 3H30, amateur can trolling. During the season (from july to november) you will see whales with new born . On arrival you disembark on the atoll with our zodiac. Before lunch on the beach around noon, you can discover the old village, snorkeling in the laggon or on the reef. After lunch, departure to Bird Island where you can enjoy idyllic landscapes and discover 15 breeds of birds. The return aboard takes place at the end of the day, you will enjoy a magical sunset with your punch. After dinner, you can listen to the captain’s anecdotes, or lie down in trampolines to admire the Milky Way. Next day, full breakfast on board continuing to explore the atoll . Several activities : the sumptuous sandbanks north of Rimatuu motu, fishing from boat or isolating yourself like Robinason Crusoe. The return on board is planned around 12:30 p.m, where you will be served a lunch, before departure fo Papeete.

About TETIAROA atoll…

Cruise Facilites

  • Cruise on full board
  • Excursion on Birds island
  • Visit sandbanks

Adult 35 000 XPF/pers (293 €) – Children under 13, 25 000 XPF (210 €)

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